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Welcome to Kins Kreative Playground

Hi! My name is Kristian and I am the owner of Kins Kreative Playground. Although I own and do all of the work, I actually report to Kinsley--my 5 year old daughter. She is the real boss. 

Kins Kreative Playground or KKP2 started in 2021 after the world was slowly recovering from a devastating prior year. I first had the idea to start a soft play rental business in 2020 however, the timing was off just a little. There was much research to be done and I was just getting into the swing of running my other business--Kins Kreative Prints. 


I wanted to start something I rarely see in the Birmingham area. It had to be about kids--all of my inspiration comes from Kinsley. So what better way to do that than to start a soft play rental company. 

Soft Play equipment can be very beneficial in helping babies/toddlers develop and learn important motor skills. Soft play surface makes it a safe place for babies/toddlers to crawl, run, climb, fall, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 


A good thing about KKP2, it's not just limited to parties. You can book us for weddings, playdates, social gatherings, or just a day in the backyard. KKP2 provides an area just for kids at any adult gathering. It's a way to occupy the kids while allowing the adults to actually enjoy themselves. 

KKP2 provides a solution to a problem you didn't realize you had. How many times have you seen baby/toddler birthday parties actually have something for them to enjoy? Not many. We solve that problem. What we have is exactly for 6 months to 5 year olds to really have fun at their party. We are now a couple of years in and have grown so much. We have evolved from more than just soft play, we are a full playground experience. 

There is so much more I can say as to why you should book us at your next event. I'll just let you find out for yourself. Follow us on social media, send a message, call us, or just book to find out more. 

Thanks for stopping by 
                        Kinsley and Kristian 
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